Episode 21 - Savior complex

Anne (40) has a compulsion to help and fix people, even if they don’t ask for it. In both work and private situations. Sometimes she even does so at the expense of her own kids. Why does she keep putting so much energy in other people instead of herself and her family?Do you want to flip-think your own problem too? In Berthold Gunster's bestseller Flip Thinking you will learn all about the life changing art of turning problems into opportunities. Flip Thinking is available in the England, Italy, Portugal, South Korea, United States, and soon in 17 other countries too. For all info check out flipthinking.info.

Om Podcasten

Listen to intimate coaching conversations between Berthold Gunster and his guests. Together, they’ll explore the guest's personal problem and try to make it feel lighter or make it disappear altogether.  🔄 'Flip thinking' is the Dutch art of turning problems into opportunities. In the Netherlands we call this 'omdenken'. Learn more about Flip Thinking and the podcast at  www.flip-thinking.com. ✨ Curious how the guests of the podcast are doing now? Many of them shared an update with us a few weeks or months after their conversation with Berthold. Click here to read all the stories.📚 Berthold Gunster is the author of international bestseller 'Flip Thinking: The Life-changing Art of Transforming Problems into Opportunities'. In this book he introduces the power of flip thinking to transform stuck-in-the-mud, pessimistic 'yes, but' thinking into an inventive, curious 'yes, and' mindset. Berthold presents his fifteen flip thinking strategies that will transform your thinking away from limitations and threats and towards possibilities and opportunities. His strategies and stories will have you approaching even the most challenging problems, at work, home and at play, in a whole new way.