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Ep. 43 - Go with the Flow

av Flow and Flourish | Publicerades 5/25/2021

Welcome to the Flow and Flourish Podcast. This is what I like to call a “sister-friend” community, which is the safe space to talk openly and honestly about the challenges we face while managing the competing priorities between our personal and professional lives. Many of us are either in corporate, an entrepreneur of a combination of the two, on top of being moms, wives, caregivers, big sister’s or just the go-to person in our circles of friends and families. Having all that responsibility can leave you overwhelmed and depleted if you don’t take inventory of where you’re at on a regular basis. How many times have you heard ‘go with the flow’? And what does that even mean?!?!? As the Queen of Flow (yes, I gave that name to myself, lol), in this episode I explain exactly what it means. I also give you: 3 Simple Tips to Go with the Flow Stay in the PRESENT Surrender control Practice, Practice Practice (did I say practice)? After you’ve listened, I invite you to connect with us in social media. I love to hear how this is helping you, so make sure you tag me on Facebook or Instagram with your favorite takeaway from the episode. As a Capacity Coach, my philosophy is that when you flow effortlessly, you flourish tremendously. And when you do, it allows you to show up in excellence in all the areas of your life. Because I’ve been in your shoes, I am excited to be your guide on this journey. My promise is to help you increase your capacity by creating balance between your personal and professional life, without ever having to sacrifice yourself, your family, and what matters most to you! If you haven’t already, make sure you join my online community at www.nicolerhone.com and stay up to date on events, giveaways and opportunities to work with me directly. Don’t forget to subscribe, rate and review the podcast, it makes a big difference! And of course, make sure you share this with at least 3 women you know need to hear this! Nicole’s Contact Info: Website: www.nicolerhone.com Book Your Free Discovery Call: https://BookwithNicoleRhone.as.me/DiscoveryCall Instagram:  www.instagram.com/Nicole_Rhone Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/Nicole-Rhone-101343468137931 LinkedIn:     www.linkedin.com/in/nicolerhone

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I help women create a rhythm between their personal and professional lives, which increases their capacity for greater success and fulfillment. In this community, we believe that when you flow effortlessly, you flourish tremendously, in ALL areas of your life. Based on five pillars, we talk about how to create flow in each area, without ever having to sacrifice yourself, your family and what matters most to you. The five pillars are: 1. Heart Flow - People, Relationships & Values 2. Work Flow - Fulfillment & Balance 3. Health Flow - Mental, Emotional & Physical 4. Cash Flow - Mindset, Habits & Impact 5. Faith Flow - Foundation & Functioning