Olle Dernevik - Jazz Drummer

This week I got the opportunity to interview a great guy called Olle Dernevik, Olle is a 36 year old Jazz drummer living in Malmö Sweden.  I met this young man down our local pub (yes the pubs are still open in Sweden:-) )were he plays jazz every Monday evening. I’m not 100% sure how our paths crossed but I do recall  him telling me he spend a chunk of his childhood in the North-east of England just outside Durham, another piece of the jigsaw regarding our first conversation was when I totally confessed the fact that Jazz is the music genre I dislike most of all… Lets be honest, for the first encounter I must admit it was a tad insulting to this Swedish Geordie lad, but it didn't seem to deter him agreeing to be interviewed and have an attempt to convert me to like this confusing sometimes chaotic music. I believe Olle has a great way of explaining his art and passion, so please kickback, relax and enjoy the next 50+ minutes of my next episode of Fluently Swenglish with Olle Dernevik

Om Podcasten

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