Series 2 Ep 3 Meeting Diana Achata

This week is episode 3 in the “Meet the Expats” series, tune in and listen to the incredible story of Diana Achata… Diana is from Peru and moved to Sweden in 2015 with her Danish husband. The incredible part of the story is why they moved to Sweden and not Denmark. Being under 24 years old, Danish law basically said they were not allowed to live in Denmark. Martin and Diana touch on many different subjects a few being the unusual delicacies of Peru, the number of different potatoes there is in Diana’s homeland, the horrors of wedding photography and the different art forms of storytelling…

Om Podcasten

Your hosts Martin Giles & John Rouse are a couple of Expats living in Malmö in Sweden... Between them, they have over 55 years experience about the pros and cons of living in Sweden as Expats... In this time they have mastered the way to live, survive and speak fluent Swenglish.. This new & exciting series of episodes will teach you all you need to know about Sweden, that isn’t in a normal guide book. They will cover unusual facts, stories, truths about this land of the midnight sun, IKEA, Volvo & Surströmming.