Series 2 Ep2 - The story of Rami Iskif

This week in the Fluently Swenglish studio Martin is with Rami Iskif, Rami has an amazing story to tell about his journey to Sweden back in 2015. Bringing his family from a war torn Syria, he tells of the up’s and down’s of passing through Europe to get to Sweden. Over crowded rubber boats, sunny Greek beaches, smugglers on speed dial and German boarder guards at the airports, at has all the drama of a Tom Clancy novel…

Om Podcasten

Your hosts Martin Giles & John Rouse are a couple of Expats living in Malmö in Sweden... Between them, they have over 55 years experience about the pros and cons of living in Sweden as Expats... In this time they have mastered the way to live, survive and speak fluent Swenglish.. This new & exciting series of episodes will teach you all you need to know about Sweden, that isn’t in a normal guide book. They will cover unusual facts, stories, truths about this land of the midnight sun, IKEA, Volvo & Surströmming.