Series 2 Ep4 Meeting Firas Murarker

Episode 4 on Fluently Swenglish Martin is chatting with his friend Firas Murarker, who is originally from Palestine, but now lives with his wife and black Labrador in Malmö Sweden.… Firas being an experienced photographer and filmmaker usually is the one interviewing people, but on this occasion Firas is sitting on the live side of the microphone telling Martin want it was like to grow up in Palestine in the late 80’s, 90’s and early 2000s. From studying law, running a bar in Bethlehem to becoming a busy photographer in a country were a passport was classed as a low status travel document to meeting the love of his life and travelling to a country where it’s passport is highly desirable…  

Om Podcasten

Your hosts Martin Giles & John Rouse are a couple of Expats living in Malmö in Sweden... Between them, they have over 55 years experience about the pros and cons of living in Sweden as Expats... In this time they have mastered the way to live, survive and speak fluent Swenglish.. This new & exciting series of episodes will teach you all you need to know about Sweden, that isn’t in a normal guide book. They will cover unusual facts, stories, truths about this land of the midnight sun, IKEA, Volvo & Surströmming.