Easy Mode Content Structure For B2B with Liam Bartholomew @Cognism

"Using the Realm of Relevancy framework in your marketing efforts can make your content an unlimited resource for you to constantly pull from."Welcome to another episode of The SEO Growth Podcast! This time, we chat with Liam Bartholomew, Vice President of Marketing at Cognism, about creating a framework for the longevity of your content after launching a successful marketing campaign.Liam shares an exciting concept called the Realm of Relevancy! It's a handy tool used to create a unique point of view for your company. The assessment starts with a big-picture idea that both your consumers and your company can relate to. From there, it branches off into different points of view, each with its own set of mapped-out content.This approach creates easy-to-use content, essentially making it an unlimited resource for you and your team. Liam shares how the team at Cognism categorizes the content into specific types: top-down, middle-out, or bottom-up. By doing this, they can tailor their messaging to fit the specific type of content, addressing all the needs and viewpoints of their target market.Don't miss out on discovering how you can use the Realm of Relevancy to create evergreen content that resonates with your audience!In this episode, we talk about:Content structureRealm of RelevancyPoints of viewTimestamps:[00:00-01:53] Introduction[01:55] What is the easy mode content structure?[03:00-05:10] Fueling your media machine.[05:10-07:49] Designing a Realm of Relevancy framework. [07:49] Defining your company’s point of view with your team.[10:00-11:55] The Realm of Relevancy made simple.[13:45] Categorize your content.[14:15-17:07] What to do after you’ve launched a successful campaign.[17:15] Frame your messaging.[19:30] How Cognism implemented this framework.[20:25] Track the right metrics.[22:45] Wrap-up.About Liam BartholomewLiam is a B2B SaaS marketing leader who is passionate about demand generation. He is shaking up B2B marketing to move it away from traditional lead generation, demonstrating how we can all do more fun, advanced, and buyer-centric marketing. Connect with Liam Bartholomew on LinkedIn. Join the Flying CatsStill feeling your stomach drop whenever you have to report organic growth to leadership? Things are about to change 👊Follow Flying Cat Marketing for more SEO strategy and content advice from the agency that helped Hotjar, Mixmax, and ActiveCampaign drive more revenue from organic traffic in a sustainable and predictable way.Website: https://www.flyingcatmarketing.com/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/flying-cat-marketing

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