Holistic SEO: the FCM approach to organic growth w/Maeva Cifuentes, CEO @FCM

Welcome to the first episode of our revamped podcast, now renamed The SEO Growth Podcast. In this episode, we explore the Flying Cat’s philosophy: holistic SEO. Traditional SEO is based on running keyword research to produce content “for SEO” (aka to make Google happy).  But holistic SEO understands search engines as a distribution channel that works as a system that you need to maintain. Think of it this way: human beings need to take care of their physical health to stay alive. But they also care for their mental, spiritual, and social wellbeing to thrive. With SEO, using keyword research to produce content is just the basics. To make your website thrive, you need to take care of both the technical aspects of the site and the quality of your content. That means you need to make content that speaks not only with Google but with your audience.So, how do we do it at FCM? We apply our trademark proprietary framework: Foundations, Growth, Scale (FGS). FGS is a combination of processes taking the mindset of holisitc SEO and transforming it into an actionable and measurable roadmap.So sit back, relax and enjoy a mega dose of SEO philosophy to reframe this misunderstood revenue-driver that’s so much more than rankings and traffic.In this episode we talk about:Holistic SEOSEO StrategyFGS frameworkTimestamps:06:02 - 12:25: What is holistic SEO? The difference between holistic SEO vs traditional SEO12:26 - 15:21: Holistic SEO as a mindset15:21 - 19:02: The Art of War analogy: The holistic SEO approach to strategy19:02 - 23:43: FGS stages explained: Foundations 23:43 - 25:36: FGS stages explained: Growth 25:36 - 28:48: FGS stages explained: Scale (and programmatic SEO)28:48 - 30:37: Wrap upConnect with us on LinkedIn:Mila: https://www.linkedin.com/in/miladibellaMaeva: https://www.linkedin.com/in/maevaeverywhereJoin the Flying CatsStill feeling your stomach drop whenever you have to report organic growth to leadership? Things are about to change 👊Follow Flying Cat Marketing  for more SEO strategy and content advice from the agency that helped Hotjar, Mixmax, and ActiveCampaign drive more revenue from organic traffic in a sustainable and predictable way.Website: https://www.flyingcatmarketing.com/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/flying-cat-marketingSEO Roundtable: https://flyingcatmarketing.com/seo-roundtable/The SEO Growth Podcast: https://flyingcatmarketing.com/blog/podcast/

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A podcast about creating revenue-generating organic growth strategies with Holistic SEO for B2B SaaS MarTech, SalesTech, and HRTech.