How to 4x Reach With Repurposing: a Playbook w/ Casey Hill @Bonjoro

“Building a good distribution plan essentially means that for less total content production, you're able to get that much more actual output.”Hello hello Flying Fans! In episode 83 of the Flying Cat Marketing podcast, we sat down with Casey Hill, Head of Growth at Bonjoro, to discuss maximizing your reach by repurposing content.Casey explains that if you’re just scheduling content, posting it, and dropping it in your newsletter you’re missing out on massive reach potential. He reveals how repurposing your content, and having a proper distribution strategy, is key to expanding your reach.He’s passionate about communicating with the widest possible audience, by focusing on content that will appeal to a broad audience, and harnessing the power of affiliate partners to magnify your reach.Having been in the game a long time Casey has faced his share of challenges. He tells us how he overcame them,  adapting his content for specific audiences (even when they were less than receptive!), and learning how to measure his success.So, grab a cup of coffee, get comfortable, and tune in as Casey gives you the ins and outs of content repurposing to save you time and massively expand your reach. In this episode we talk about:Content repurposingDistribution strategiesAffiliate partnersTimestamps:0:00-5:51: Why it’s worth taking the time to repurpose content5:52-9:40: What a repurposing distribution strategy looks like9:41-11:46: How to make your content appeal to a broad audience11:47-16:13: Using affiliate partners to expand your reach16:14-22:01: Casey’s biggest trial-and-error mistakes22:02-24:51: How to measure success when repurposing content24:52-31:21: How to adapt your content for specific audiencesConnect with Casey Hill on LinkedIn: Listen to the Flying Cat Marketing Podcast on Spotify: Podcasts: us on LinkedIn:

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