Leveraging Customer Research Like a Product Marketer with Tara Panu @VoiceFlow

Hello again listeners! Welcome to another episode of the SaaS Leader Interview Series.This time, we’re joined by Tara Panu, VP of Marketing at VoiceFlow, the collaborative platform used to build chat and voice assistants, to talk about leveraging customer research like a product marketer. Every marketer knows the customer needs to be at the center of all their efforts, but how do you ensure that? Tara spent her first 30 days in her role interviewing customers and prospects, jumping into sales calls, and practicing social listening on LinkedIn. Her efforts revealed new opportunities that she took in to craft her strategy and, finally, her messaging and value proposition started to resonate with them. But that was not her ultimate goal.As she’s a customer-centric marketer, she made sure that not only Sales and Marketing but the entire company was leveraging from her findings and keeping their ICP close to better execute their jobs. Tune in to see how she made that happen! In this episode we talk about:Customer researchCustomer-centric marketingMarketing strategyTimestamps:00:00 - 00:54: Introductions00:54 - 03:42: How Tara’s background as a product marketer influences her role as VP of marketing03:43 - 06:36: First challenges when joining VoiceFlow06:37 - 10:22: The first 30 days knowing the customers10:23 - 13:32: Why you should go to sales calls instead of listening to recordings13:33 - 16:14: The emergence of the Conversation Designer role16:15 - 19:48: Sourcing customer research interviews19:49 - 24:00: Making sure that customer research findings are used effectively company-wide24:01 - 28:22: Making the most out of customer research interviews28:23 - 29:04: Connect with TaraAbout Tara PanuTara has a passion and obsession for understanding customers deeply. She started her career in customer marketing, then turned to product marketing, and is now leading the marketing department at VoiceFlow. Connect with Tara on LinkedInConnect with Maeva on LinkedInJoin the Flying CatsStill feeling your stomach drop whenever you have to report organic growth to leadership? Things are about to change 👊Follow Flying Cat Marketing for more SEO strategy and content advice from the agency that helped Hotjar, Mixmax, and ActiveCampaign drive more revenue from organic traffic in a sustainable and predictable way.WebsiteLinkedInSEO RoundtableThe SEO Growth Podcast

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