When You're Not Marketing To Marketers: How SaaS Marketers Can Use Video Content to Learn About Their Market with Sam Morris @Payzaar

"We've started a Global Payroll-themed talk show, which is a video-first podcast. We invite guests on the show, we interview them about topics that are relevant to global payroll leaders—as a way to build a relationship with them and to learn about our market through them, basically."Welcome to another episode of The SEO Growth Podcast! This time, we spoke to Sam Morris, Head of Marketing at Payzaar, about his experience using video content to generate leads for a niche market. Sam shares his experience in marketing to the global payroll function, a niche market within payroll HR managers, and how their career trajectory impacts their pain points. He discusses the importance of understanding where your niche market lives online and how video content can help bridge the communication gap.This episode also explores the potential impact of technology on the future of work and how to prepare for it. Tune in to find out how you can target a niche audience, even while under-utilizing LinkedIn!In this episode, we talk about:Global payroll marketingDemand generationBuilding relationships with contentTargeting niche audiencesTimestamps:[00:00:01] Introduction[00:02:04] Understanding the career trajectory of a payroll professional[00:03:04] Selling to a niche market: Lessons from a global payroll company[00:08:59] How a company is using video content to reach their ICPs[00:11:25] Prioritizing accounts for guest selection[00:12:44] Using podcasts to create content and learn about your market[00:14:33] Building relationships and generating leads through podcasting[00:16:53] Learning about your market through video content and lead gen[00:20:53] Emerging technology and the future of workAbout Sam MorrisSam Morris is a SaaS marketing leader and lead generation expert. With experience in video content, digital events, and podcasts, he helps Payzaar learn about its market through engaging content that challenges him to get creative. Connect with Sam Morris on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/smorrisrosenstein/ Listen to our most popular episodes: A Content System Beats Content Ideas, with Brad Smith @WordableHow to create a company culture that puts you ahead of the pack, with Adam Harris @Cloudbeds How Typeform's Branding Experiments Guided its Content and Product Strategy, with Alex Antolino @Typeform Join the Flying CatsStill feeling your stomach drop whenever you have to report organic growth to leadership? Things are about to change 👊Follow Flying Cat Marketing for more SEO strategy and content advice from the agency that helped Hotjar, Mixmax, and ActiveCampaign drive more revenue from organic traffic sustainably and predictably.Website: https://www.flyingcatmarketing.com/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/flying-cat-marketing

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