Doc Hudson’s Tragic Full Story!

The Fabulous Hudson Hornet was a legendary race car who went on to become a doctor, the crew chief for one of the most decorated race cars of all time (Lightning McQueen), and a close friend to all of the residents of his home: Radiator Springs. But what did Doc Hudson do to become a famous race car? Why did he return to racing? And how was he remembered after he died? OUR PATREON 🧚‍♀️  Support all of our magical projects by joining the producer community on Patreon: OUR TRAVEL AGENCY ✈️  If the magic of a Disney vacation is calling you, we’re here to help! Start planning: OUR MERCH 🧦  Wear clothing that makes you feel magical! Shop now: AFFILIATES & REFERRALS My YouTube Camera Gear: Disney Collectibles & Statues: Free Audiobook With Audible Trial: Support us on Amazon: Join Lyft to use Minnie Vans at Disney World: We may receive a small percentage of anything you buy through the links above! JOIN OUR COMMUNITY Subscribe: Join the channel: Instagram: TikTok: Facebook: Twitter: ORIGINAL MUSIC YouTube: Spotify: GET IN TOUCH For creator, advertiser & business collaborations: ABOUT ME I’m Isaac Carlson, a creator based out of Orlando, Florida. For the past 10 years, I've been a YouTuber focused on spreading magic by discussing Disney, movies, theme parks, and the art of animation. Through every project I take part in, I remain committed to creating a positive impact within my community by encouraging every person to follow their passions and dreams. Have a magical day, fun people! --- Support this podcast:

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Welcome to the podcast of the YouTuber & Disney, movie, and theme parker lover Isaac Carlson! Here I strive to spread magic by analyzing iconic characters, developing wild film theories, discussing the latest news across the entertainment world, sharing my best theme park tips and tricks, and hearing the personal journeys of animators, directors, Imagineers, influencers, vloggers, and anyone else who loves what they do. From Disney to Pixar to DreamWorks, along with Marvel and Star Wars, I create content on the franchises that have left a massive impact in making my life. Support this podcast: