Thundering Rhino’s Tragic Full Story

Let's break down the legacy and full story of the Kung Fu Council’s founding leader: Master Thundering Rhino. Thank you to my producers on Patreon! Help me spread magic by becoming a producer today! 📽️  Master Oogway's Legendary Backstory!:  📽️  Tigress' Heartbreaking Backstory:  📽️  Did Kai Take Tai Lung's Chi?:  📽️  Who Were The FIRST Furious Five?:  📽️  Who Was The FIRST Dragon Warrior?:  📽️  Did Kai Take Tai Lung's Chi?: 🎈  Want to find Isaac Carlson across the internet? Instagram: TikTok: Twitter: Facebook: Support Isaac Carlson on Patreon: Have a magical day, fun people!

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