For The Nostalgia

Episode 3 - A Trip to Grey Gardens

av For The Nostalgia | Publicerades 2/10/2020

On our third nostalgic journey, Justin and Stephen kiki about the Super Bowl LIV Half Time show, featuring J.Lo and Shakira, then discuss Justin's Oscar predictions and his current TV recommendations. This week's slices of nostalgia are focused on the enduring impact of the Maysles' 1975 documentary, GREY GARDENS. We deep dive into the history of the Bouviers and the Beales and dissect the original film, then discuss the 2006 Broadway musical and 2009 HBO made-for-TV movie of the same name, as well as the 2018 prequel THAT SUMMER. To reminisce along with us and join the conversation, follow us on Instagram @forthenostalgia.

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"For The Nostalgia" is a podcast created by the hosts of The Immaculate Podcast. On each episode, we will discuss four slices of pop culture nostalgia and why we love them. Expect deep dives into the worlds of music, movies, television and theatre -- plus whatever else we're into that week! Follow @forthenostalgia on Instagram to reminisce with us and join the conversation.