Episode 23: Influence

Each week I undertake a bit of a historical deep dive into the life of someone I would consider a Thinker. These thinkers are often leaders as you might imagine. You will of course agree with me that not every great thinker is a leader, there are differences and the relationship is not a bi-directional equivalency. The reverse though I believe is quite often true. Great leaders are often thinkers. I focused this week on an individual who may not be immediately recognized as a leader but I think even in this we do him an injustice. John Mauchly was a leader in a very important way and exhibited a leadership trait which I believe we would do well to learn from and understand better. Great leaders understand the importance of helping others find success. They recognize their position and knowledge can be used to influence others. - Great leaders show discretion in how they share their opinions and ideas. - Great leaders use their position and knowledge to benefit others. - Great leaders

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