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Forever Young Adult

23. The Wren Hunt - Mary Watson

av Forever Young Adult | Publicerades 1/10/2020

We discuss secret magic happening in Ireland with Mary Watsons The Wren Hunt and the eerie feel that comes from starting your novel with a girl being hunted through the woods.  If you enjoyed this episode, consider subscribing! You can have two episodes a month delivered into your lovely ears for FREE. You can keep tabs on upcoming books and give us recommendations on our social media: www.Twitter.com/foreverYApod www.Instagram.com/foreverYApodcast www.goodreads.com/foreveryapod Check out our patreon on www.patreon.com/foreverYAPod  to throw us a few coins, check out our rewards, and show your appreciation/ire as applicable! We love reviews! And recommendations! And attention! Thanks for listening :-)

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