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Ep 19 - Recapping the After The Storm episodes 9-10

 In this mini-episode, we continue our tour through the After the Storm series. We go over all the insights Eliot and crew share about episodes 9-10. You can find the clips we discuss on YouTube: our next show will be bonus content. We'll be reviewing and discussing the amazing novel Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir, so make sure you go check that out before the next episode drops. As always, hit us up on Twitter and talk with us about the show! You can find us at @FSWitchingHour or @mad_typist and @DJaedyxe. Please rate and review the show on iTunes, and tell your friends all about us.    

Om Podcasten

A weekly podcast recapping episodes of the Freeform show Motherland: Fort Salem. Join us as we deep dive each episode and swoon over gay witches, badass military women, and incredible magical worldbuilding. Follow us on Twitter @mad_typist and @DJaedyxe. Show handle is @FSWitchingHour