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S2E05 - Let Me Just Pencil You In (For Death)

In this episode, Scylla goes full murder muppet on us, killing two men in the span of two days. But it's okay, because they totally deserve it. She and Anacostia complete their infiltration of the Camarilla party, but instead of getting more intel, they end up picking up a new baby witch and some fresh bruises as they fight Jack Orsotti and the Camarilla Exarch. Later, Scylla opens up her death ledger and pencils in Shane. Literally.Meanwhile, Abigail continues to dwell in her various traumas and failures, until a visit with Ghost Charvelle shakes her out of her funk. She has a new mission now. That mission? Murderous vengeance. In a surprise twist, Adil has decided to join her in this mission, after he barely survives an assassination attempt by the Camarilla's scary new Venom-like virus bomb.Tally confronts Alder, but it sadly does not end with a kiss. However, she does meet up with Ghost Velda Estherbrook, who confirms that Sarah Alder is a lying liar who lies a lot. Raelle misses her mom, and it's very sad. Gregorio makes me cry by unexpectedly bringing up Libba. Eliot continues his personal assault on Jessie's psyche by incorporating another of her biggest phobias into the show.We also take time to answer all your burning questions. Check out this week's podcast for all this and more!  As always, we appreciate you leaving ratings or reviews on iTunes and other platforms. Hit us up on Twitter and talk with us about the show! You can find us at @FSWitchingHour or @mad_typist and @DJaedyxe.   Support the show (

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A weekly podcast recapping episodes of the Freeform show Motherland: Fort Salem. Join us as we deep dive each episode and swoon over gay witches, badass military women, and incredible magical worldbuilding. Follow us on Twitter @mad_typist and @DJaedyxe. Show handle is @FSWitchingHour