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S2E08 - The Timeless Art of Casual Hand Touching

In this episode, Raelle and Scylla finally spend quality time together and have their big dramatic kiss as the musical score soars and the fandom swoons.  It's super sweet and super romantic, and honestly, we could die happy right about now. Disappointingly, our Raylla reunion is short lived, as Scylla chooses freedom and pancakes over hanging around with the Army.If that wasn't enough, we also got a serious dose of Talder goodness in the episode, as Nicte's delusion spell reveals the depths of Tally's MILF-y fantasies about Sarah Alder. The trio bicker, fight but ultimately rally for one another (with the help of a certain Necro) and manage to finally bring down Nicte Batan. Or so they think... Nicte takes advantage of this moment to try one final assassination attempt on Alder's life, wearing her best Tally disguise. Also, Petra makes her own move at Alder, starting to line up the political winds in her favor. Do we sense a power grab in our near future? What will Alder do as her enemies get ever closer? As always, we appreciate you leaving ratings or reviews on iTunes and other platforms. Hit us up on Twitter (or Instagram and Tumblr) and talk with us about the show! You can find us at @FSWitchingHour or @mad_typist and @DJaedyxe.  If you want to support our show you can also donate to our brand new Patreon. Support the show (

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