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S2E09 - Don't Cry For Me, Fort Salem

(as sung by Sarah Alder)Don't cry for me, Fort SalemThe truth isI totally founded youAll through my war daysMy long existenceI sang a sad song andbrought the Mycelium into existence....The penultimate episode blew everything up - Alder's out, Petra's in, Nicte gets a temporary reprieve, the Camarilla and their witch plague are on the loose in Fort Salem, and oh, the mycelium is made of dead witches. Crazy episode, with some crazy good performances. Hear us scream about all that, plus we answer all your burning questions. As always, we appreciate you leaving ratings or reviews on iTunes and other platforms. Hit us up on Twitter (or Instagram and Tumblr) and talk with us about the show! You can find us at @FSWitchingHour or @mad_typist and @DJaedyxe.  If you want to support our show you can also donate to our brand new Patreon.  Support the show (

Om Podcasten

A weekly podcast recapping episodes of the Freeform show Motherland: Fort Salem. Join us as we deep dive each episode and swoon over gay witches, badass military women, and incredible magical worldbuilding. Follow us on Twitter @mad_typist and @DJaedyxe. Show handle is @FSWitchingHour