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Stephen Fry: Part One

av Fortnum's Hungry Minds | Publicerades 4/8/2021

On this episode of Fortnum's Hungry Minds, we have a very special guest joining us. He’s a writer, an actor, comedian, director, quiz show host, activist – we could go on. And on.In short, he’s a living icon. We’re thrilled to have him on – it’s the one and only, Stephen Fry.In this first of our two-part episode, Stephen and host Felicity Blunt discuss a predictably wide range of topics – from Zeus’ little known sister, and Stephen’s love of cooking, to a brief history of tomatoes, and the souls of animals. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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Nothing quite brings people together like the power of food, and on this podcast, Felicity Blunt talks to chefs, farmers and campaigners alike to discover, challenge and celebrate our shared love of all things food. Felicity explores the latest food trends, science and ideas that will shape the future of food, with chefs, campaigners and cultural leaders alike, so sit down with your favourite cup of tea and enjoy these conversations covering everything from our appetites to the arts. Please note: The ideas and views represented in this podcast are not endorsements or views of Fortnum & Mason. See for privacy and opt-out information.