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#17 Tiina and Kaisa - reviewing 2020 and going over all the episodes!

av Found in Estonia | Publicerades 12/29/2020

Time for a duo show! Tiina and Kaisa sending away year 2020, discussing what were their highlights this year and what are their plans for the next year! The majority if this episode goes over all the 16 episodes published! Tiina and Kaisa put themselves to the test and share what stood out to them from each episode! They share memories from behind the recording and things they can recall from the chats! Let us know if you can also remember all of these things and what would you add! Timestamps: 00:00 What were our highlights in 2020 12:14 - Revisiting all the episodes 1:03:11 - From which countries would we love to have our next guests? 1:05:35 - Things gained from making this podcast? 1:07:18 - What is something in your bucket list for 2021? 1:09:7 - Goals regarding the podcast! *

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