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#25 Avishek Tarun from India to Estonia: I applied to 300 different job offers, before moving to Estonia

av Found in Estonia | Publicerades 4/23/2021

This time we're heading to India or to be more exact India is coming to us through a highly energetic young guy Avishek Tarun! 🥳🥳 He introduces himself as a simple data guy - but what does it mean? It's quite remarkable, that Avishek spent 3 years and filled in over 300 job applications since he already knew, he wants to move to Estonia (or to Berlin)! We'll hear what's up with frozen veggies or the lack of them in India, how Indian people distinguish between spicy and hot foods. How do Indian people plan their time without using a calendar? And how he had to relearn how to make compliments in Estonia 😅 *

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