Neuralink shows brain implants, Bezos' and Musk's Race to the Moon, DOJ vs. Apple, What is it like to pitch on Shark Tank?

In this episode of Founders Weekly, Neuralink's brain implant technology, Apple's talks with Google about AI offering, Blue Origin's race to the moon, Apple's App Store problems, and short news on IPOs, Fisker, and Saudi Arabia's AI investment.  The hosts are joined by Aaron McDaniel, who shares his experience pitching on Shark Tank. Aaron McDaniel shares his experience on Shark Tank and the lessons he learned from the show. He discusses his decision to stay professional despite facing criticism and offers from the sharks. Aaron also talks about the editing process and the importance of understanding the power of narrative. He reflects on the impact of the show on his business and personal life.  Host Name: Heini Zachariassen LinkedIn: Co-Host Name: Hassan Bazzi LinkedIn: Guest  Name: Aaron McDaniel LinkedIn: Raw Startup Social Media --- Send in a voice message:

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