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The business of caring, with Michelle Feeney

From humble beginnings to becoming the founder of Floral Street, a modern British fragrance brand with sustainability and eco-responsibility at its very core, beauty powerhouse Michelle Feeney speaks to Lynne Franks about how she used the creativity first learned while working for Lynne in the 80s and how she continued to use it to make positive change throughout her career. From spearheading the legendary MAC AIDS Fund and Viva Glam initiatives to pioneering the St Tropez collaboration with the Prince's Trust, she discusses how beauty can create broader social awareness and change. To find more episodes and information about the podcast, go to From there, you will also be able to learn more about Lynne’s work and her Power of 7 Women’s Leadership retreats and coaching. If you like what you hear, and want to find out more about our community of like-minded women who believe in living and working in alignment with the feminine values of collaboration, authenticity and most of all, love, you can learn more at and join the community in the SEED Hub Club by visiting You can find Lynne on Instagram at @lynnejfranks, Facebook @lynnefranksobe, Twitter @Lynne_Franks, LinkedIn @Lynne Franks OBE. This episode was produced by Lynne Franks and Tanya Anastasiadis.Production support and graphics by Lotte Micklethwaite.

Om Podcasten

Women’s empowerment guru and social entrepreneur Lynne Franks takes a fortnightly look at what is happening for women in the world today and how we can grow into our full potential as leaders in community, business and as changemakers in the creation of a sustainable, positive future for all. Love and learn with Lynne’s forthright chats, conversations with inspirational women and men plus simple exercises from her Seed platform to support and nurture you to grow.