Dweller By a Dark Stream

Dweller By A Dark Stream written by Bruce Cockburn G A G D It could have been me put the thorns in your crown G A G D Rooted as I am in a violent ground G A Bm How many times have I turned your promise down G Still you pour out your love A Pour out your love D A G I was a dweller by a dark stream D A G A crying heart hooked on a dark dream D A G In my convict soul I saw your love gleam G A And you showed me what you've done G A D Jesus, thank-you joyous Son G A G D You entered a life like ours to give us back our own G A G D You wanted us like you, as choosers not clones G A Bm You offered up your flesh and death was overthrown G A Now salvation is ours, Salvation is ours G A G D So I'm walking this prison camp world G A G D I long for a glimpse of the new world unfurled G A Bm The chrysalis cracking and moisten winds uncurl Like in the vision John saw The vision John saw

Om Podcasten

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