FLORILEGIO’S MIXTAPE #11 A tapestry of contemporary experimental and underground tracks from Florilegio’s worldwide network of female musicians. www.florilegio.org https://www.freeformfreakout.com/florilegio-mixtape-11/ TRACKLIST: Villaelvin “Ghott Zillah” Headroof (Hakuna Kulala) 00:07-04:07 Muramuke “Just One More” Muramuke (Self-released) 04:04-07:09 Margenrot “Signal” Obkhod (KlammKlang) 07:04-09:35 Lagno “While It Lasts” Natural Language (Das Andere Selbst) 09:20-15.28 박지하 Park Jiha “Light Way” The Gleam (Glitterbeat) 15:02-20:34 Nina Dante & Bethany Younge “When the frogs wake” Lizard Tongue (Tak Editions) 20:40-23:46 Ladr Ache “Laika bégaye” (Fougère Musique) 23:32-31:18 Theoreme “Les Artisans” Les Artisans (Maple Death Records) 31:12-34:25 Andra Ljos “Cloves” Spice Routes (MUSIKIÍ) 34:14-39:05 Sabiwa “打獵前奏 – Prelude Of Hunting Season” 5 (Chinabot) 38:50-44:01 Maggie Tra “Tra Family” Kingdom of Her (Sys Sister Sounds) 43:44-48:49 Mala Herba “Niedola/Woe” Niedola/Woe (Arfa Arcana) 48:47-53:29 Arigto “Persona with Yifeat Ziv” Persona (Self-released) 52:56-59:48

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