FLORILEGIO’S MIXTAPE #12 A tapestry of contemporary experimental and underground tracks from Florilegio’s worldwide network of female musicians. www.florilegio.org https://www.freeformfreakout.com/florilegio-mixtape-12/ TRACKLIST: Nadah El Shazly “Mahmiya (Protectorate)” Ahwar (Nawa Recordings) 00:06-06:16 Yamila “Visions III” Visions (Umor Rex) 06:03-09:53 Marlene Ribeiro “You Do It” Toquei No Sol (Rocket Recordings) 09:40-17:17 Quinta “Meltemia” Aelion Mixtape (Non Classical) 16:54-21:53 Bearcat “Beauty and the Beast” Demoed (Self-released) 21:27-26:12 Rainbow Chan “Heavy 沉重” Stanley (Eastern Margins) 26:12-29:56 Georgina Montoya & Natalia Montoya “Paisajes Inestables” Oscilatorio Sonoro Volumen II (Silencio EPI) 29:50-37:26 Dienne “Addio” Addio (Other People) 37:24-40:55 Julia Teles “A Macieira – 1 rito” A Macieira (Thrila sonora) (Self-released) 40:51-44:54 Elyse Tabet with Pascal Semerdjian and Yara Asmar “And Darkest Spells” Low Toms Bright Bells and Darkest Spells (Ruptured Records) 44:48-56:08 Karen Constance “Track 1” Still Asleep (More Mars) 54:14-58:43

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