FLORILEGIO’S MIXTAPE #13 A tapestry of contemporary experimental and underground tracks from Florilegio’s worldwide network of female musicians. www.florilegio.org https://www.freeformfreakout.com/florilegio-mixtape-13/ TRACKLIST: Ana Roxanne “Immortality” ~~~ (Leaving Records) 00:04-04:08 Manja Ristić “Duša Damena / Soul of Stone” Glasovi / Voices (Self-released) 03:55-08:55 Sainkho Namtchylak “Singing to the Sea” Where Water Meets Water: Bird Songs and Lullabies (Ponderosa) 08:16-13:06 MimiCof “Distant Symphony III” Distant Symphony (Karlrecords) 12:34-19:41 Alexandra Spence “Blue waves” Blue waves, Green waves (Room40) 19:27-23:25 Aylu “Blu” Profondo Rosa (Mana) 22:23-27:28 Magda Drozd “Suspended Sream” Epiphanies (Hallow Ground) 27:19-32:06 Yewen Jin “ICE” 5 (Chinabot) 32:00-34:36 Madeleine Cocolas “Exhale 86” Fragile States (New Weird Australia) 34:20-40:37 Pö “Wind” Cociage (Hakuna Kulala) 40:17-43:11 Hüma Utku “Fuel for the Flames” The Psychologist (Editions Mego) 42:56-49:08 Kar Pouzi “Red Sprite I” Red Sprite (Don’t Drone Alone) 49:00-55:57 Susana Santos Silva “All The Birds” All The Birds and a Telephone Ringing” (Thanatosis Produktion) 55:56-1:03:3

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