FLORILEGIO’S MIXTAPE #14 A tapestry of contemporary experimental and underground tracks from Florilegio’s worldwide network of female musicians. www.florilegio.org https://www.freeformfreakout.com/florilegio-mixtape-14/ TRACKLIST: Maya Al Khaldi “ الضوء Al Daw’ (Nothing comes back the same)” عالم تاني – Other World (Tawleef) 00:07-05:02 Seungmin Cha (차승민) “ 지금은 우리가 (Now, We Are)” Nuunmuun (눈문) (Tonal Unity) 04:55-13:27 Bérangère Maximin “Full Jungle” Land of Waves (KarlRecords) 13:10-17:26 Lolina “Let go” Who is Experimental Music? (Self-released) 17:05-24:17 Kraaa “Acute velleity” Capitalism or Death (an evening on the dusk of capitalism) (CANT) 24:14-26:59 Giulia Rae “Spinning Tree” Nocturnal Drift (SØVN) 26:59-31:27 Dania “Sprinting Toward The Sun” Foreign Body (Paralaxe Editions) 31:01-35:25 Laila Sakini “The Light That Flickers In The Mirror” Paloma (Modern Love) 35:04-38:29 Nyokabi Kariuki “Fire Head” Feeling Body (Cmntx Records) 38:10-42:57 Antonina Nowacka “Part 5” Lamunan” (Mondoj) 42:43-52:29 Luong Hue Trinh “Thinh không (Ether)” Strengur (Self-released) 51:3-1.01:35

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