150 // Want Simple Practices to Start Creating Kinder Self Talk & Grow Your Self Love?! 4 Self Love & Mental Wellness Growing Practices to Add To Your Morning & Daily Routines

Hey friend, in today’s episode, I’m sharing with you 4 super practical ways to start growing your self love.  To grow your confidence, you need to invest in your relationship with yourself the same way you invest in the relationships you have with those around you… You spend time. You give care. You check in. Today, you’ll learn 4 super practical, do-able practices to help you really start showing yourself the respect, love, and care you deserve… Which in turn will help you as you continue to grow your self love & self worth… I hope you enjoy. CONNECT // Join our FB Community Connect on IG COACHING // Save your spot in the next round of BLOOM! We start 1/25! THERAPY // Learn more about therapy with Devoney! (for California residents only) SUPPORT THE PODCAST // Buy Dev a Coffee ABOUT // Devoney is a therapist, life coach and hosts the Free & Well Podcast.  She is obsessed with empowering & equipping women with simple, practical psychology AND spirituality based tools to heal their relationship with themselves & start feeling radically confident!  She's here to help you stop second guessing yourself, stop comparing yourself, start being kinder to yourself, setting boundaries & feeling confident AF. DISCLAIMERS // Recommendations shared in this episode are based on my own personal opinion.  No content provided by Free & Well and/or on this show is a substitute for medical or mental health treatment.  It is all purely for educational purposes and is not a replacement for medical, legal, or mental health advice.  Please call 911 if you are in an emergency, the Access & Crisis Line if you are in a crisis at 888-724-7240 or contact a licensed mental health provider for mental health support.  See full disclaimer here.  www.devoneytaylor.com/disclaimer

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Are you tired of doubting yourself & being really hard on yourself? Are you ready to start being kinder to yourself & feeling more confident in who you are? Hey friend, I'm Devoney - therapist, life coach & dog mom. In this podcast, you'll find faith & psychology led tools to help you start truly believing that you are enough, quieting that inner critic, loving who you are and making moves towards your goals! We'll talk all things faith, healthy habits & routines & mental wellness tools. If you’re ready to truly know that you are enough & feel more confident, this is the show for you!