Capitalism: The True Cause of Mental Illness

Most mental illness goes untreated.  Don't worry, the fortunate will be prescribed regular meetings with a therapist and help them to conform to society’s definition of normal, possibly with the aid of medication.  The rest of us?  Your on your own, but you better fake society's definition of normal or you might be in trouble.We need to start feeling free to ask questions.  Is society’s definition of correcting ourselves proper? Were told since a child to be ourselves,  yet we must conform to the school's definition of normal.  Were told we need to accept the differences in ourselves, but then we hold mental health to this whole different standard. But what is to blame?  Listen to find out.....Support the show (

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Free yourself of stress, anxiety, past experiences, and anything else that is holding you back from your true self and your true destiny. Your host James used to be just like you. With no drive, energy, or purpose, he was also losing sleep and had daily anxiety. Thru his own journey of self reflection, spirituality, and deep meditation techniques all this went away and his true destiny showed itself. He helps clients all over the world, holds retreats, and now he is going to share his Free Yourself program with you!