103. One year - 6 figures - Part Time

Freedom Creators Podcast: The MLM coaching podcast that gets your questions on network marketing, mindset, duplication, leadership, creating passive income, and more answered. Join Melanie and 7 figure lifetime earner Tracy Zimmer for an intimate interview. Freedom Creators welcome  "Freedom teacher" Tracy to episode 103. Widowed mum Tracy shares some of the most powerful stories you can share in a presentation to help your prospect see that network marketing is the opportunity they have been waiting for. From hitting 6 figures part-time in her first year while juggling a full-time career and two kids to working through personal tragedy Tracy shares openly her wisdom with listeners. Also, YOU can be our next Subscriber of the Month! In this podcast, Freedom Creators has a challenge for you. If you beat your personal best record of presentations, subscribe and leave a review on social media, you will enter into a draw for the $50 usual subscriber of the month promo AND qualify for 2 coaching sessions with Melanie and Efrosyni. FOLLOW THESE STEPS TO WIN STEP 1: Listen to this episode. STEP 2: Subscribe to our Freedom Creators Podcast (if you haven't already) and leave a review. STEP 3: Share our podcast on Instagram and tag 5 of your friends in comments and also us: @freedomcreatorsclub               OR             Share it on Facebook and tag any of us (Melanie, Efrosyni, Freedom Creators Club) We will announce our winner on the Facebook Group.

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Welcome to the Freedom Creators Podcast - the show created to help you improve your leadership, craft a winning mindset, develop your business, master the art of duplication and help you live the ultimate freedom lifestyle. Hosted by $1 billion sales force generator - trainer, speaker and mentor to thousands Efrosyni Adamides.