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Ep 260 pt.1 w/ Pink and White Terraces

We kick off the Fantasy Fiction takeover with Pink and White Terraces, the project of NZ-via-Berlin artist PAWS+ (Aporia, The Tarts). From PAWS+: "The mix is a dive into some of the influences that have inspired the sound palette for the Pink and White Terraces. I made the record largely in lockdown in Berlin so it's probably why it is tinged with this kind of longing or “Sehnsucht” auf Deutch. There's a lot of nostalgic and romantic pacific flavoured bits. There's also a lot of 80s new wavy flavour. I guess when you dig under the candy coated cover that's really what's going on. I like the duality it implies. I hope you enjoy it :)" *Tracklist* Malcolm Mclaren - Obatala [Charisma] Emma Mariteragi - Haere Mai Na [Manuiti] Rave Revues - Have You [Séance Centre] Violet Eves - Listen Over the Ocean [Music From Memory] Chris and Cosey - Exotika [Nettwerk] OTTO - Roter Teppich [Bureau B] Cynthia & Dupree - Kauri [Fantasy Fiction Records] Hikaru Hayashi - L'ile Neu [Barclay] Takeshi Terauchi & The Blue Jeans - The Enchanted Sea [King Records] Phillipe Chany - Cairo Connection [Dark Entries Records] Yasuaki Shimizu - Crow [B&M] WOO - A Wave [Emotional Rescue] The Durutti Column - Belgian Friends [Factory] Anadol - 78 Yılının En Uzun Dakikası [Kinship] Kim Blackburn - Oceania [Flying Nun Records]

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