From Borderline to Beautiful: Hope & Help for BPD with Rose Skeeters, MA, LPC, PN2

Psychiatrist Spotlight: Q & A with Dr. Josephine McNary

av From Borderline to Beautiful: Hope & Help for BPD with Rose Skeeters, MA, LPC, PN2 | Publicerades 1/27/2021

In this episode of From Borderline to Beautiful, I interview Dr. Josephine McNary. She answers listener's questions about Borderline Personality Disorder and medications as well as with way to consider communicating with your psychiatrist to best get your needs met. Dr. McNary is a board-certified general psychiatrist, working with a variety of patients in her outpatient practice. She specializes in medication management and is particularly interested in the use of complementary medicine for mood and anxiety disorders. In addition to working closely with her patients across seven CalPsychiatry locations and through Telepsychiatry, Dr. McNary is currently attending staff at the UCLA Department of Psychiatry, where she provides both inpatient psychiatry and consultation services. You can check out her website here: and her podcast, MindStories here: . You can contact Rose at and Jay at Schedule your free initial consult today here: --- Support this podcast:

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From Borderline to Beautiful Podcast tackles tough topics and provides information and insight into borderline personality disorder. Our goal is to provide a show that offers hope and help to you or your loved ones with BPD and to answer big questions that others in the field are too scared to answer. The stigma around BPD is unjustified because there is a good prognosis. Let's break the stigma and learn ways to heal together. Rose Skeeters, a licensed therapist, nutrition and mindset coach, will share her story and strategies to overcome her own battle with BPD and Bulimia. Support this podcast: