From Foster Care to Family Law - A Child Welfare Focus

#16 - Family Law. Okay, what about the kids?

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SUMMARY This episode of From Foster Care to Family Law – A Child Welfare Focus features divorce and family law attorney Kevin Rollins. He talks about his extremely interesting childhood, martial arts, cults, and how it affected him to become a lawyer. The attorneys discuss ways to truly help their clients with family law matters and drill into issues with child witnesses in divorce cases. Kevin tells us his views on the world and the politics of today. They also review the benefits of collaborative law as an alternative to traditional divorce litigation. —————————— HIGHLIGHTS [01:12] Family Law Attorney Susan Chesnutt introduces Divorce and Family Law Attorney Kevin Rollins who then explains his job and his current life. [06:12] Kevin Rollins explains how the younger generations of Lawyers has affected the profession. [12:52] Kevin and Susan talk about sexism in the business of law and how it effects different Lawyers. [18:59] Kevin Rollins goes over his life and how it impacted him to become a Lawyer. [31:52] What do kid witnesses go through in court when their parents are getting divorced? [52:29] Kevin’s views on politics today. [54:49] Why are Collaborative Lawyers are important? —————————— QUOTES 15:08 “Well ,and no offense, in order for a female to be assertive, she’s automatically characterized as a bitch, even though you have to be sometimes in order for people to listen to you.” 20:04 “I’ve learned now that later, kids who grew up with absentee fathers tend to take on the role of the absentee parent, or you want to protect the parent who’s there and you either lionize or demonize the absentee parent.” 24:54 “Their (The Church of Scientology) uniforms all have a nautical theme and they have not a cool sounding names and for their chain of command, it’s what I would tell people about organizations like that is, It’s not obvious, right? So don’t beat your family members up if they get into some organization like this or any kind of cult. It’s not obvious. They’re not luring you in with tales about aliens and child abuse. They’re luring you in with legitimate self-help.” – About Cult-Like Organizations 50:14 “I spend a lot of time counseling my clients on the reality of their circumstances and just making sure they understand that their kids are going to remember what happens, and that they can’t control the other parent.” 51:23 But, fighting a battle for 5 or 10 or 15 years of child support is not worth a lifetime of your child thinking your garbage because you tried to take advantage of them as a child, or tried to take advantage of their other parents.” —————————— RESOURCES Kevin Rollins – Phone: (772) 388-4447 Website: Vero Beach Sunrise Rotary Club: Florida Coastal Law School: Florida Southern College: The Church of Scientology: Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath

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This is Susan Chesnutt of The Chesnutt Law Firm. This is my podcast From Foster Care to Family Law: A Child Welfare Focus. I was raised in the foster care system, I was a child abuse investigator for the Department of Children and Families, and now I am an attorney practicing family law where my passion is to focus on the best interests of the children involved. In my podcast, I will be meeting industry experts exploring the seemingly impossible scenarios that families often struggle to manage. Each episode will include insights and concepts from professionals that deal with these issues.