How To Sustain Success ft Adam Peaty

World-record swimmer, Adam Peaty, and globally-renowned expert in training for performance, Professor John Hawley, join Charlie and James to discuss the importance of setting a goal for every session, what Concurrent training is and how we can use it to maximise performance. Throughout his career, Adam Peaty, has not only smashed world records but he’s also won an Olympic gold medal. In this interview, he reveals how, and importantly why, he uses concurrent training as a method to find a balance between his strength and endurance. Professor John Hawley then explains the importance of setting a ‘why’ for every session and how our bodies respond to different training techniques to make sure we’re on track with our goals.  Follow us @scienceinsport on Instagram and Twitter for more exclusive content with our podcast guests.   Produced by Astrid Productions for Science in Sport.

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In this bi-weekly podcast, Charlie Webster and Professor James Morton chat to world-renowned athletes and respected experts in performance and nutrition to bring you the insights that make your favourite sports men and women, faster, stronger and fitter.  Each episode will make use of James' paper to podium approach that consists of applying the latest scientific research to training regimes in order to fuel a winning performance. You’ll be able to put some olympic-athlete-worthy tips and tricks to use, to achieve your goals, no matter what. This podcast is brought to you by the world’s leading premium performance nutrition company, the Science in Sport Group, home to the PhD Nutrition and Science in Sport brands.