Shattering Stereotypes with 'Meatball' Molly McCann

In the final episode of season one, Liverpool-born MMA fighter Molly McCann joins Charlie and James to talk about her career inside and out of the octagon.  Flyweight UFC fighter, ‘Meatball’ Molly, shares her journey. From bouncing back from adversity, when injury ended her professional football career, to becoming a role model for other women in MMA.  As well as talking about how sports science has aided her performance and mental health, Molly explains what training looks like for her as she approaches her next fight. Molly also touches on her personal journey of coming out as gay and writing a book to help children understand their sexuality. Learn more about our brands by visiting and Produced by Astrid Productions for the Science in Sport group.

Om Podcasten

In this bi-weekly podcast, Charlie Webster and Professor James Morton chat to world-renowned athletes and respected experts in performance and nutrition to bring you the insights that make your favourite sports men and women, faster, stronger and fitter.  Each episode will make use of James' paper to podium approach that consists of applying the latest scientific research to training regimes in order to fuel a winning performance. You’ll be able to put some olympic-athlete-worthy tips and tricks to use, to achieve your goals, no matter what. This podcast is brought to you by the world’s leading premium performance nutrition company, the Science in Sport Group, home to the PhD Nutrition and Science in Sport brands.