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003: How To Start Your Business, And Keep Your Paycheck| Alanna and Angus of Grounded Minds

av From Zero to Foundr Podcast | Publicerades 3/18/2021

Leaving behind a pretty tough 2020, we all need a little positivity in our lives. It was after completing Foundr’s Start & Scale course, Alanna Deutrom and Angus Sinclair decided to launch their brand Grounded Minds, to help bring a little sunshine into the world.   In our From Zero To Foundr episode, we speak with Deutrom and Sinclair to learn how they launched their brand Grounded Minds, an affirmation cards ecommerce business. Bringing together everything they’ve learned from Gretta and the Start & Scale course, Deutrom and Sinclair discuss everything from launching their business during a pandemic as well as running their own music school. The ideal podcast for anyone who needs a little inspiration and sunshine in their day, we are incredibly proud of the hard work Deutrom and Sinclair have done in launching Grounded Minds. If you want access to the exact free training that led today’s founder to where they are now, head to If you're enjoying 'From Zero to Foundr' make sure to leave a 5-STAR review and let us know your thoughts!

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At Foundr, we’re on a mission to democratise entrepreneurial education, and on our way to building one of the largest online schools in the world for entrepreneurs. We interview some of the greatest founders of our generation (Mark Cuban, Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John & many more) to find out how they did it, so you can too. However… in this series, we’re doing things a little differently. We’re working with our own students in our community, who are in the deep within the process of building their very own successful business. These are the founders of tomorrow, who’ve stood where you are- and are on the way to building the business of their dreams. Now, before we jump in-- our lawyers have told us to tell you this, of course we can't guarantee you will have results like some of the stories we’re about to share in this show, and as you know-- with any business it's a lot of hard work in addition to completing any online course. That said, welcome to ‘From Zero to Foundr’.