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013: Why You Need TWO Manufacturers: Axcess’ Jennifer Abernathy

av From Zero to Foundr Podcast | Publicerades 5/28/2021

What’s the fastest way to find your business idea? Simple: Identify, and solve a known problem.    Just ask Jennifer Abernathy, whose light-bulb moment came during her daily post-hot-yoga struggle changing out of her sweaty activewear.   There’s got to be a better way!   With a little sewing, a zip, an old pair of leggings, and a determination to fix this problem, Jennifer created the first prototype that would take her on a 3-year journey to launching Axcess Athletics.    In today’s episode of From Zero To Foundr, Jennifer discusses her incredible journey from building her own prototype, finding the right manufacturer (“I picked the wrong one the first time!”), and why she believes in a post-launch re-launch.   If you’re waiting for a sign to start your own brand, Jennifer Abernathy has this advice for you:   “Stop waiting, and just start...and always, ALWAYS have two manufacturers”.   Listen to learn: The blueprint to take you from an idea to crowd-funding to launch Mastering the manufacturing game: how Jennifer recovered from a manufacturing disaster How Jennifer built a pre-launch email list of 400+ people Why small daily goals are the secret to reaching your bigger goals How to overcome the dreaded post-launch sales slump  The results are in: micro-influencers are better for your brand, and why  How to stay afloat as an athletic brand in a COVID-19 market If you're READY to finally start your own business, enroll in the EXACT free program that today’s guest used to get where they are today… And… If you ARE enjoying ‘From Zero to Foundr’, please make sure to leave us a 5-star review, and let us know what stories you want to see next. As 99% of our content is free, taking 60 seconds to leave us a review can help ensure it stays that way forever! Website: Success Stories: Instagram: YouTube:  Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Podcast: Magazine:

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