126 - Top 5 Ways Hotel Operations & Marketing Teams Can Work Better Together (w/ Wil Slickers)

Av Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast

Avsnittet publicerades: 11/19/2019


Bridging the gap between the operations staff and the marketing team is an age-old problem that has faced many hotels. In this episode of the award-winning Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast, we tap into the brain of a bonafide hotel operator, Wil Slickers, and discuss some ideas that may help you to get every team member into alignment and eliminate the silos so that you can better serve your guest. SHOW NOTES: https://www.fueltravel.com/blog/fuel-hotel-marketing-podcast-episode-126-top-5-ways-hotel-operations-marketing-teams-can-work-better-together-w-wil-slickers/

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