Episode 110: How to launch omnichannel ABM campaigns including paid social and direct buys with Dan Cafiero

Sign up to all live workshops and podcasts here: https://lu.ma/fullfunnelIn this video, we're going to show you how to launch omnichannel ABM campaigns, including paid social and direct buys.Omnichannel ABM campaigns allow you to engage with your customers from multiple channels, which can help you reach your target audience more effectively. We cover:​- Planning and setting up omnichannel ABM strategy​- Selecting the right stack​- Budgeting ABM​- How to create a scoring methodology and use that to prioritize accounts for sales to enable their outreach​- ABM campaigns Dan runs together with salesSTACK MENTIONED- Eloqua - email marketing automation- Linkedin retargeting- Salesforce- Demandbase (prioritization) and display banners- Techtarget - contacts list- Scout - chrome extension- Seamless- Lusha.RESOURCESOn-Demand B2B Marketing Courses: https://fullfunnel.io/b2b-marketing-cFull-Funnel Insider - A Marketing Newsletter For B2B Marketers: https://fullfunnel.io/marketing-newslJoin our community for B2B marketers - The Trenches: https://sendfox.com/trenchesUpcoming events: https://lu.ma/fullfunnel/eventsFull-Funnel Marketing Content Hub: https://fullfunnel.io/blogDan Cafiero оn Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stapho/

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