Episode 116: Holistic B2B marketing attribution. How to measure B2B marketing and make the right decisions with Steffen Hedebrandt

Sign up to all live workshops and podcasts here: https://lu.ma/fullfunnelThe Social selling "playbook" for most companies (because it's rarely an actual and formalized process) is this by the new episode of Fullfunnel Live we're going to cover with Steffen Hedebrandt, CEO @Dreamdata, the holistic b2b marketing attribution or how to measure B2B marketing the right way.We'll cover:How to see an impact on revenue of all offline and online touchpoints with target accounts and prove the efficiency of a specific programHow to inspect the time it takes from first contact to closed deal and incorporate it when evaluating marketing performanceHow to apply attribution across and between pipeline stages to see what's working where.The revenue report or how to measure what's really importantRESOURCESOn-Demand B2B Marketing Courses: https://fullfunnel.io/b2b-marketing-cFull-Funnel Insider - A Marketing Newsletter For B2B Marketers: https://fullfunnel.io/marketing-newslJoin our community for B2B marketers - The Trenches: https://sendfox.com/trenchesUpcoming events: https://lu.ma/fullfunnel/eventsFull-Funnel Marketing Content Hub: https://fullfunnel.io/blogSteffen Hedebrandt оn Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/steffenhedebrandt/

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