Functional Podcast

Episode 1

av Functional Podcast | Publicerades 9/10/2020

In The Functional Podcast Episode 1, Naudi Aguilar from Functional Patterns answers a variety of questions put forth by Instagram live viewers. From Naudi’s thoughts on having a podcast, helpful insight into achieving rest with your body and mind, to the troubles our society is facing today, this podcast brings you value on many levels towards living a more functional life.

Om Podcasten

The Functional Podcast with Naudi Aguilar, CEO and founder of Functional Patterns, is geared towards discussing topics related to the creation of a more functional environment and society. This podcast encourages individuals to ask the questions that will spring us in the direction of progress. If addressed, the issues discussed in these podcasts can lead an individual to live a more functional life and view the world through a mechanistic lens. If you wish to mechanize the joints and tissues in your body, you have to understand how to mechanize your thoughts. This podcast is here to help you do that.