Funky Si's A-Z of Manchester

Episode 19 - Letter S: From Stanley Chow to Shift-Work

av Funky Si's A-Z of Manchester | Publicerades 10/16/2020

It's week 19 so it's the letter S. Simon talks about working with graphic artist Stanley Chow, the TV presenter he was named after and working on The Fall's 13th album Shift-Work. You can find this week's playlist on Spotify here: Produced and edited Jackie O'Malley. Post Production Karl Svenson, Tadah Media Ltd. Artwork Lee Dyer. Music by Colin McGrath, Joe Brown, Johnny Smale and Simon Wolstencroft. Find out more at Find out more at

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Drummer Simon Wolstencroft, dubbed 'Funky Si' by Johnny Marr has worked with Ian Brown, John Squire, Andy Rourke, Terry Hall, Jez Kerr, Neville Staple and Craig Gannon to name but a few. He was the drummer in The Fall for 11 years. Every week he brings you tales of his exploits from more than 40 years on the Manchester music scene and beyond. His memoir 'You Can Drum But You Can't Hide' was published to wide acclaim in 2014. He says the inspiration for the book came when a contestant on Mastermind correctly identified him as the original drummer of The Smiths.