Does our feminism get in the way of enjoying Bollywood?Sneha leads us on a filmy romp of an episode, traversing nostalgia, relationships, celebrity encounters and why Bollywood is such a cornerstone in each of our lives. We examine why this love became reluctant for a while, why performative feminism often comes in the way of experiencing pleasure in all its messiness, and the classist undertones in gatekeeping taste. Its an episode chock full of laughter, anecdotes, filmy film recommendations, and acceptance. Write to us about the films that you were too afraid to admit to loving - chances are Sneha will have watched it in the theatre 58745 times! 

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Arundhati and Deepa - two feminists, friends, partners-in-crime - bring you a podcast full of conversations that make sense of the everyday through a fun, fierce, feminist gaze. कई कहानियाँ होती हैं जो कागज़ों में नहीं, जिस्म, ज़हन, जज़्बातों में छपी होती हैं| फुरसत feminism is an anthology of stories of living, breathing, dreaming feminist realities.