Ghoom Barabar Ghoom

Can loitering go beyond being just an act? Can it be a way of life?Our 'aawara aurat' Isha joins us in this episode to crack open a theme that we've all lived and experienced in more ways than one. She speaks about how she has come to the act of loitering, and how deeply it now sits in her bones and her spirit. We unpack the many ways in which we have loitered - physically, mentally, virtually - and how it is a heady cocktail only when the right elements come together. The conversation, much like the theme, loiters aimlessly and joyously into several pockets of laughter, epiphany and even makes a pitstop at some poetry.Write to us on and share with us how you have loitered. In mind, body, and spirit.

Om Podcasten

Arundhati and Deepa - two feminists, friends, partners-in-crime - bring you a podcast full of conversations that make sense of the everyday through a fun, fierce, feminist gaze. कई कहानियाँ होती हैं जो कागज़ों में नहीं, जिस्म, ज़हन, जज़्बातों में छपी होती हैं| फुरसत feminism is an anthology of stories of living, breathing, dreaming feminist realities.