Shaadi Ke Side-Effects

With Kaveri in our corner this week, we finally gave in and scratched the hitch itch. What were our first encounters with the institution of marriage? How have we navigated it? Can marriages be feminist? Why are marriages generally so difficult to talk about?  From three completely different vantage points, there were some disagreements, many agreements, and a tonne of heavy sighing.  Listen in and tell us about all the stuff we definitely forgot to talk about!People who want to come join us on the podcast, please listen intently all the way to the end :) You can write to us at, DM us on instagram @fursatfeminism. We put out episodes every Friday.

Om Podcasten

Arundhati and Deepa - two feminists, friends, partners-in-crime - bring you a podcast full of conversations that make sense of the everyday through a fun, fierce, feminist gaze. कई कहानियाँ होती हैं जो कागज़ों में नहीं, जिस्म, ज़हन, जज़्बातों में छपी होती हैं| फुरसत feminism is an anthology of stories of living, breathing, dreaming feminist realities.