Future of UX

#04 - Creative Artificial Intelligence

av Future of UX | Publicerades 12/13/2019

In this episode I spoke with Christian ‘Mio’ Loclair a CREATIVE CODER and founder of the studio Waltz binair in Berlin. He is working for brands like google, Adidas, BMW and IBM. Christian is a former robo-dancer, computer scientist, and choreographer. His studio,  Waltz Binaire, is a creative studio that specialises in the intersection of art and technology.

We spoke about synthetic realities and how to apply generative design and artificial intelligence to the process to translates data into meaningful artworks. He also explains the expression “machine creativity” and talks about how  to design human computer interaction for our future.

Find him:

-twitter:  https://twitter.com/Mio_Loclair

- website: https://waltzbinaire.com

Om Podcasten

Welcome to „The Future of UX“ - a podcast brought by Adobe Creative Resident Patricia Reiners In every episode I am talking to leading UX/ UI Designers and digital pioners about the future and their way to benefit from new technologies . Always looking for answers about how we are going to design a great user experience in the future. We are living in an exciting time where Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are automating our workflows, augmented reality providing additional information and smart assistants like Amazon Alexa open up new ways of interfaces. Hear you in the future!