Future of UX

#05 - Smart home experiences beyond the screen

av Future of UX | Publicerades 1/24/2020

Bilgi Karan is the UX lead at IKEA and responsible for the smart home services and IoT products.

What so interesting about Bilgi's works at IKEA is that he is combining physical and digital experiences with consideration of the context.

And as probably many of you know I am super fascinated by everything that happens beyond the screen. So, Bilgi shared his tips about how to start designing for all 5 senses and also what’s important designing beyond the screen.

We also talked about the future and how he sees the industry today and the importance of voice design and augmented reality.

Find Bilgi:

Linkedin: https://se.linkedin.com/in/bilgikaran

Twitter: https://twitter.com/machineerror

Medium: https://medium.com/@MachineError

Website: https://www.bilgikaran.com/philosophy

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